Lipo Layering of Autologous Fat: An Improved Technique with Promising Results

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When using free fat autologous grafts as a filling material was first proposed in 1893 by Neuber,1 the idea rapidly gained enthusiasm and endorsements. Our early experience with autologous fat transplantation was disappointing,2 but even then it was clear that fat could be transferred with partial success. Since then, further clinical works by Guerrerosantos,3 Coleman,4,5 and others6-10 have shown that it is possible, by careful handling of transplanted fat, to improve the survival of this tissue. We have reviewed our recent experiences and have found several patients with whom autologous fat transplant has been successful with up to an 8-year postoperative follow-up. (Plast. Reconstr. Surg. 101: 820, 1998.)

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