Pulp Reconstruction of Fingers with Very Small Sensate Medial Plantar Free Flap

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The essence in dealing with the pulp deficit accompanying fingertip injuries lies in functional restitution of the inherent skin texture and characteristics unique to that area and sufficient preservation of digital length, along with successful restoration of fine tactile sensation indispensable to delicate and skillful maneuvers. Among various techniques used to meet such demands, the very small sensate medial plantar free flap can be considered an excellent method in view of the skin texture that allows firm grasping, durability to friction rub, a cushion effect, and adequate sensation. Six cases of finger pulp reconstruction with the very small sensate medial plantar free flap are presented. At follow-up examination (an average follow-up of 24.3 months), the patients were evaluated clinically and neurologically. The operative procedures, advantages, and results in clinical cases are presented. Satisfactory results were obtained with sufficient preservation of digital length and good sensory recovery. No functional deficit was found at the donor site.

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