In Pursuit of Optimal Rejuvenation of the Forehead: Endoscopic Brow Lift with Simultaneous Carbon Dioxide Laser Resurfacing

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Coronal foreheadplasty has long been the traditional method of improving the aesthetic appearance of the forehead, permitting not only repositioning of ptotic tissues but also direct access for modification of the “frown” muscles. However, it was only moderately successful in eliminating vertical corrugator lines or deeply etched transverse wrinkles. The recent advent of the endoscopic brow lift has permitted us to minimize the dysesthesias associated with the coronal approach by making the incisions shorter and radially oriented and by being more precise in the muscle resection. Nonetheless, endoscopic brow lift gives no further improvement in persistent deep vertical and transverse wrinkles. Carbon dioxide laser resurfacing can improve the existing wrinkles but does not eliminate the muscular cause of forehead wrinkles. It seemed reasonable that combining these techniques might yield better results than either procedure alone.

To evaluate this possibility, 30 patients with simultaneous endoscopic brow lift and carbon dioxide resurfacing were compared with 24 patients having laser resurfacing only and with 26 patients who had traditional coronal foreheadplasty. Both foreheadplasty groups had corrugator resection. All patients were evaluated at least 4 to 6 months postoperatively. Ratings were based on the percent of wrinkles removed, both vertical and transverse. The ratings were performed with predetermined criteria by a surgeon not involved with the operative procedures nor after care. A rating of “excellent” (≥95 percent reduction in wrinkles) was obtained in 50 percent of coronal foreheadplasties; 41.7 percent of carbon dioxide resurfacing alone and 80 percent of endobrow lifts with carbon dioxide laser resurfacing. There was no vascular compromise from this latter combination of procedures, no hypertrophic scars, and no impairment of healing. We conclude that endoscopic brow lift with carbon dioxide laser resurfacing is a safe and perhaps more effective means of aesthetic rejuvenation of the forehead.

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