Experience with Reduction Mammaplasty following Breast Conservation Surgery and Radiation Therapy

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Little is known about the outcome of breast reduction in the previously radiated breast. With the increased popularity of breast conservation in the management of breast cancer, it is inevitable that more women with breast cancer who have had a breast radiated will be seeking breast reduction. Although it would be expected that reduction of the radiated breast would be more challenging and would yield less-pleasing results, it has been unclear whether reduction in the radiated breast could be safely performed without interfering with mammography and cancer surveillance. Our experience using different techniques in three patients demonstrates that such reductions can be effectively and safely done if certain principles are followed. Pedicles should be designed to be broader and shorter than usual, and breast flaps should be undermined or elevated either minimally or not at all. (Plast. Reconstr. Surg. 102: 1913, 1998.)

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