Lifting of the Upper Two-Thirds of the Face: Supraperiosteal-SubSMAS versus Subperiosteal Approach. The Quest for Physiologic Surgery

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The supraperiosteal-subSMAS lifting technique, which has been performed since 1985, for the rejuvenation of the upper two-thirds of the face is described, and the results obtained in a series of 128 cases treated, emphasizing the attainment of an effective rejuvenation together with a minimum of complications and undesired effects is presented. A discussion on the two dissection planes (supraperiosteal-subSMAS versus subperiosteal) used most commonly in the lifting of the upper two-thirds of the face is presented. From an anatomohistophysiologic basis, the tissue manipulations that the two techniques mandate are discussed and evaluated. Based on these facts, the supraperiosteal-subSMAS technique is the most logical physiologically, because it produces less tissue trauma, which leads to fewer complications and a more rapid recovery to a normal social life. (Plast. Reconstr. Surg. 102: 2178, 1998.)

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