Rhinoplasty: A Simplified, Three-Stitch, Open Tip Suture Technique. Part II: Secondary Rhinoplasty

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Tip suture techniques have proven effective in managing many secondary tip deformities. The open approach is used in most cases because it allows analysis and utilization of the alar remnants. If the alar rim strip is intact and not deformed, then a three-stitch technique (strut, domal creation, and domal equalization) is used. If the domes were previously transected, they are repaired and an attempt is made to shape them with sutures. If sutures are ineffective or the domes are deformed, judicious excisions and tip-shaping sutures are employed to achieve an aesthetic “tip shape,” as expressed through the overlying skin. Removal of sutures from previously sutured tips has proven effective in the columella and infralobular area, ineffective in the supratip midline, and unpredictable over the domal segment. Overall, tip suture techniques should be considered in secondary tip deformities whenever the alar cartilage remnants permit. (Plast. Reconstr. Surg. 103: 1503, 1999.)

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