Simultaneous Maxillo-Mandibular Distraction Osteogenesis in Hemifacial Microsomia: A New Technique Using Two Distractors

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The goal of this study was to prospectively evaluate the use of two distractors for a simultaneous maxillo-mandibular distraction osteogenesis without the use of intermaxillary fixation in the restorative treatment of hemifacial microsomia.


The authors analyzed the clinical and radiological data of five patients with type I hemifacial microsomia (one patient), type IIa hemifacial microsomia (two patients), and Goldenhar syndrome (two patients). Follow-up examinations were performed at 1, 3, 6, and 12 months.


All the patients had satisfactory correction of the facial asymmetry without complications. Complete horizontalization of the occlusal plane was achieved in three patients, whereas a cant of 2 degrees persisted in two patients. None of the children in this study were noncompliant with the prescribed duration of the active distraction period, nor did they experience technical problems with the two devices.


Simultaneous maxillo-mandibular distraction osteogenesis resulted in a high rate of success in correcting facial asymmetry as well as occlusal plane cant. It offered good aesthetic satisfaction.

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