Breast Volume Determination in Breast Hypertrophy: An Accurate Method Using Two Anthropomorphic Measurements

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Precise determination of breast volume facilitates reconstructive procedures and helps in the planning of tissue removal for breast reduction surgery. Various methods currently used to measure breast size are limited by technical drawbacks and unreliable volume determinations. The purpose of this study was to develop a formula to predict breast volume based on straightforward anthropomorphic measurements.


One hundred one women participated in this study. Eleven anthropomorphic measurements were obtained on 202 breasts. Breast volumes were determined using a water displacement technique. Multiple stepwise linear regression was used to determine predictive variables and a unifying formula.


Mean patient age was 37.7 years, with a mean body mass index of 31.8. Mean breast volumes on the right and left sides were 1328 and 1305 cc, respectively (range, 330 to 2600 cc). The final regression model incorporated the variables of breast base circumference in a standing position and a vertical measurement from the inframammary fold to a point representing the projection of the fold onto the anterior surface of the breast. The derived formula showed an adjusted R2 of 0.89, indicating that almost 90 percent of the variation in breast size was explained by the model.


Surgeons may find this formula a practical and relatively accurate method of determining breast volume.

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