Incidence of Breast Hematoma after Placement of Breast Prostheses

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Prosthetic breast implants are frequently used by plastic surgeons for reconstructive and aesthetic procedures. One known complication of the procedure is postoperative breast hematoma. However, the incidence and risk factors of this problem are not fully characterized.


A retrospective analysis was performed of a prospectively collected patient medical record database based on procedure codes to identify breast hematomas and possible risk factors over a 12-year period from November of 1996 to October of 2008.


One thousand nine hundred thirty-six operations were performed on 3474 breasts with prosthetic implants used. Average patient follow-up was 48.9 months, with 32 hematomas identified following 32 operations. The latest hematoma identified was 21 months after the procedure. Hematomas were identified on average 37 days after the operation.


In the authors' experience, postoperative breast hematomas after prosthetic implant placement occur in 0.92 percent of breast prostheses placed. No individual surgical approach is associated with the occurrence of breast hematomas. Hematomas are not statistically associated with any measured patient or surgically defined characteristic. Specifically, no statistical significance was shown for larger implant size, reoperation, operative indication, type of surgery, or implant type as an independent risk factor.


Risk, III.

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