Sientra Portfolio of Silimed Brand Shaped Implants with High-Strength Silicone Gel: A 5-Year Primary Augmentation Clinical Study Experience and a Postapproval Experience—Results from a Single-Surgeon 108-Patient Series

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The Sientra portfolio of silicone gel breast implants was approved by the Food and Drug Administration on March 9, 2012, and included the first approved shaped implants in the United States. The 5-year results from Sientra’s Core Gel and Continued Access Study and the results of a single surgeon are presented.


This analysis used the data of 640 shaped implants in 321 primary augmentation patients implanted by 16 study surgeons through 5 years. The Kaplan-Meier method was used to analyze safety endpoints. In addition, analysis is presented for a single surgeon’s results of 213 shaped implants in 108 postapproval patients through up to 16 months of follow-up (9-month mean) using a separate frequency analysis.


The overall risk of rupture for primary augmentation patients through 5 years was 0.4%, the risk of infection was 1.4%, and the risk of capsular contracture (Baker grade III/IV) was 3.9%. Reported surgeon satisfaction was 100%, and patient satisfaction remained high. In the separate single-surgeon analysis, after 16 months, 4 of the 108 patients experienced a complication (3.7%) and 3 underwent a reoperation (2.8%). Complications included infection, ptosis (0.9%, each), and capsular contracture (1.9%).


The results of Sientra’s large clinical study and the postapproval data from a single surgeon demonstrate the safety and effectiveness of Sientra’s shaped implants. The review of the data and author’s experience illustrate the ease of incorporating shaped implants into any surgical practice.

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