Skin-Reduction Breast Reconstructions with Prepectoral Implant

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Skin-reduction mastectomy with prepectoral implant reconstruction is a novel technique for immediate breast reconstruction, with subcutaneous implant placement in patients eligible for skin-reducing mastectomy. Implants were placed above the pectoralis muscles in a compound pocket made by a dermal flap and acellular dermal matrix. The procedure was performed on 33 breasts in 27 selected patients. In three cases, there was skin ischemia; in one case, it healed spontaneously; and in two patients, a surgical necrosectomy and primary closure were needed. No implant loss occurred. This new technique proved to be a useful alternative, with good cosmetic results, in selected patients requiring mastectomy. These preliminary results need to be confirmed by long-term and comparative studies.


Therapeutic, IV.

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