A Comparison of the Effectiveness of Triamcinolone and Radiation Therapy for Ear Keloids after Surgical Excision: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

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The ear is a common site for keloid formation, usually after trauma or ear piercing. This study is a meta-analysis to identify effective treatments for ear keloids after surgical excision.


A systematic literature review and meta-analysis were performed using core databases. Postoperative adjuvant treatment modalities for ear keloids and recurrence rates were extracted and analyzed. Fixed and random effect models were applied.


Twenty-five studies published before August of 2015 were identified. The recurrence rate after surgical excision of an ear keloid in the triamcinolone group was estimated as 15.4 percent (95 percent CI, 9.4 to 24.1 percent; p < 0.001). The recurrence rate in the radiation therapy group was estimated as 14.0 percent (95 percent CI, 9.6 to 19.9 percent; p < 0.001).


Although a large-scale, randomized study is required for confirmation, both triamcinolone and radiation therapy provided outstanding treatment for ear keloids after surgical excision without a significant difference between the two treatments.

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