Mechanically Isolated Stromal Vascular Fraction Provides a Valid and Useful Collagenase-Free Alternative Technique: A Comparative Study

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The use of stromal vascular fraction and adipose-derived stromal cells in tissue regeneration is now being increasingly investigated, and studies have demonstrated that adipose-derived stromal cells present differentiation and immunomodulatory capacities. The development of a rapid, inexpensive, and enzyme-free technique to isolate adipose-derived stromal cell–enriched stromal vascular fraction is a major goal for stem cell therapy. Therefore, the authors compared innovative mechanical procedures to the gold standard technique, collagenase digestion.


Stromal vascular fraction was prepared from 21 liposuctions using either enzymatic digestion or two different mechanical methods: high vortexing/centrifugation and dissociation by intersyringe processing. The effects of tissue processing on cell count, viability, proliferation, clonogenic enrichment, and the phenotypes of the different native cell were determined. Adipose-derived stromal cell phenotypes from the different protocols, and their differentiation and immunosuppressive potential, were compared.


Enzymatic digestion isolated more viable cells than dissociation by intersyringe processing and vortexing/centrifugation. The expansion rate and clonogenic enrichment were higher for stromal vascular fraction isolated with collagenase. The proportion of adipose-derived stromal cells was higher in stromal vascular fraction extracted with dissociation than with enzymatic digestion and vortexing/centrifugation (p < 0.01). Interestingly, all cultured adipose-derived stromal cells displayed similar differentiation and immunosuppressive capacities.


Enzymatic digestion extracts more adipose-derived stromal cells, but intersyringe dissociation enables the rapid extraction of adipose-derived stromal cell–enriched stromal vascular fraction. Moreover, mechanical methods enable adipose-derived stromal cell isolation with stemness and immunosuppressive properties, similar to enzymatic digestion. Such mechanical procedures could allow easier and more rapid isolation of adipose-derived stromal cell–enriched stromal vascular fraction for practitioners.


Therapeutic, V.

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