Surgical Management and Outcomes of Pierre Robin Sequence: A Comparison of Mandibular Distraction Osteogenesis and Tongue-Lip Adhesion

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Summary:There is a paucity of literature directly comparing tongue-lip adhesion versus mandibular distraction osteogenesis in surgical treatment of patients with Pierre Robin sequence. This study comprehensively reviews the literature for evaluating airway and feeding outcomes following mandibular distraction osteogenesis and tongue-lip adhesion. A search was performed using the MEDLINE and Embase databases for publications between 1960 and June of 2017. English-language, original studies subjects were included. Extracted data included prevention of tracheostomy (primary airway outcome) and ability to feed exclusively by mouth (primary feeding outcome). A total of 67 studies were included. Ninety-five percent of subjects (657 of 693) treated with mandibular distraction osteogenesis avoided tracheostomy, compared to 89% of subjects (289 of 323) treated with tongue-lip adhesion. Eighty-seven percent of subjects (323 of 370) treated with mandibular distraction osteogenesis achieved full oral feeds at latest follow-up. Seventy percent of subjects (110 of 157) treated with tongue-lip adhesion achieved full oral feeds at latest follow-up. The incidence of second intervention for recurrent obstruction ranged from 4 to 6 percent in mandibular distraction osteogenesis studies, compared to a range of 22 to 45 percent in tongue-lip adhesion studies. Variability of patient selection, surgical techniques, outcomes measurement methods, and follow-up length across studies precluded meta-analysis of the data. Both mandibular distraction osteogenesis and tongue-lip adhesion are effective alternatives to tracheostomy for patients who fail conservative management and improve feeding. Mandibular distraction osteogenesis may be superior to tongue-lip adhesion in long-term resolution of airway obstruction and avoidance of gastrostomy, but is associated with notable complications.

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