When Is Teenage Plastic Surgery versus Cosmetic Surgery Okay? Reality versus Hype: A Systematic Review

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Summary:Plastic surgery in teenagers has become popular in past decades because of an increase in self-awareness and desire to “fit in” with their peers. In 2016, over 229,551 cosmetic procedures were performed in patients who are younger than 19 years. The trend of plastic surgery in adolescents is increasing, and it is important for plastic surgeons to perform safe and appropriate procedures in this group. To this date, there is a myriad of literature on the psychological and ethical issues concerning plastic surgery in teenagers. However, studies regarding the safety of performing plastic surgery in this population are scarce. The rationale for this article is to study this issue in depth by means of a systematic review. The authors discuss the current indications, safety, patient satisfaction, and ethical considerations of teenage plastic surgery and make recommendations for future studies on this important area.

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