A Current Review of Hybrid Meshes in Abdominal Wall Reconstruction

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Summary:Complex abdominal wall defects remain a common problem, though there has been significant advancement in technique and biomaterials over the last decade. The newly developed hybrid meshes are targeted to address several shortcomings of other meshes. Specifically, the marriage of biosynthetic or biologic materials with permanent prosthetic material is designed so that each will counteract the other’s negative attributes. There are reports of permanent meshes having been associated with chronic pain, stiffness, and inflammation. However, their utility in maintaining biomechanical strength, thus limiting recurrence, makes them of value. In hybrid meshes, biosynthetic or biologic materials are coupled with permanent prosthetics, potentially protecting them from exhibiting deleterious effects by promoting and hastening tissue ingrowth. The various hybrid meshes currently available and investigational data are reviewed.

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