Augmentation Gluteoplasty: A Brazilian Perspective

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Summary:According to recent data, augmentation gluteoplasty continues to gain popularity in the United States and globally, especially in procedures involving fat grafts. However, serious concerns about its safety have been raised over the past 2 years. Will this trend continue or has it already reached its peak? The answer depends on how the technique is going to be performed hereafter. In this article, the following seven learning objectives for performing gluteal augmentation safely and effectively are covered: (1) the concept of what is a beautiful buttock and how to select the patients who will have better outcomes; (2) diagram each patient’s needs for liposuction and graft; (3) use maneuvers for contouring and projection; (4) compare specific indications for fat graft and gluteal implants; (5) evaluate ptosis grade to indicate whether volume repositioning is sufficient; (6) formulate care protocols for risk management; and (7) develop lasting and high-satisfaction-rate results. It is pivotal to recognize each patient’s body characteristics and ability to achieve a good result, and to work on her expectations preoperatively and accordingly to perform the procedure in the safest manner possible.CLINICAL QUESTION/LEVEL OF EVIDENCE:Therapeutic, V.

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