Clinical Results on Innovation in Breast Implant Design

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Summary:Breast implants have been shadowed in controversy since their introduction to the market; however, they represent a multi-million dollar industry and play a critical role both for cosmetic augmentation and enhancement and for reconstruction following treatment for cancer. With advancements in technology, breast implants have evolved tremendously over the years. Further, with the cessation of the FDA implemented moratorium on silicone, the use of silicone implants has grown exponentially over the years. Novel designs in the outer shell, breast implant fill particularly the cohesivity of the silicone gel, texturing of the outer shell, and the shape and projection of breast implants have produced a broad array of implants that can be employed by plastic and reconstructive surgeons to maximize outcomes for patients. However, despite the innovations in breast implant design and engineering, it is unclear whether these have had any influence on outcomes and patient satisfaction. The present article aims to provide a comprehensive review of the technological advancements in breast implant technology in optimizing patient outcomes and minimizing complications associated with placement of breast implants for aesthetic as well as reconstructive procedures. The article will provide a synopsis of round versus shaped breast implants, saline versus silicone especially the advent of cohesive silicone gel implants, and the texturing of the outer shell, and how each of these components should be considered when counseling patients and deciding which implants offer the optimal benefits for each individual patient.

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