Cephalic Rotation of the Nasal Tip

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The position of the nasal tip holds important aesthetic significance. Cephalic rotation of the nasal tip is a frequent motivating factor for patients seeking rhinoplasty. The position of the nasal tip is a complex interplay of the size, morphology, and position of several anatomic components of the lower one-third of the nose. Cephalic rotation can be achieved by way of six different methods. The indirect methods promote passive cephalic rotation and include cephalic trim of the lower lateral cartilages, caudal trim of the upper lateral cartilages, and caudal septal trim. Direct methods involve precise repositioning of the domes and include shortening the lateral crura, lateral domal relocation, and the tip rotation suture. Used alone or in combination, these techniques and their subtle variations, represent comprehensive and effective methods to achieve cephalic rotation of the nasal tip.

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