Specific osseous spurs in a lethal form of hypophosphatasia correlated with 3D prenatal ultrasonographic images

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BackgroundHypophosphatasia is an osseous dysplasia with highly variable clinical expression, ranging from a recessive lethal prenatal type to late onset dominant short stature with premature shedding of teeth. Lethal forms of hypophosphatasia include short limb dwarfism with lack of ossification, especially on the vertebral bodies, very slender ribs and clavicles, and bowed, short lower extremities, with a bifid aspect of the diaphyses. Alkaline phosphatase is abnormally low in liver, bone, kidney and plasma.MethodsWe present here the prenatal images of a lethal form of hypophosphatasia, diagnosed precociously because of specific osseous spurs in a context of recurrent short limb dwarfism.ResultsPrenatal 3D ultrasonography has shown these spurs as early as 18 weeks. Molecular biology found compound heterozygous mutations in the gene TNSALP.ConclusionIn a context of short limb dwarfism, the search for these specific osseous spurs orient strongly toward the diagnosis of lethal hypophosphatasia.

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