Application of proteomics for the identification of differentially expressed protein markers for Down syndrome in maternal plasma
Maternal serum screening in cases of mosaic and translocation Down syndrome
Down syndrome biochemical markers and screening for preeclampsia at first and second trimester : correlation with the week of onset and the severity
Prediction of superimposed preeclampsia using uterine artery Doppler velocimetry in women with chronic hypertension†
Attitudes toward prenatal diagnosis and termination of pregnancy for genetic disorders among healthcare workers in a selected setting in Sri Lanka
An evaluation of the recording of folic acid use in the South West Congenital Anomaly Register†
Informed choice to undergo prenatal screening for thalassemia : a description of written information given to pregnant women in Europe and beyond
Second-trimester maternal serum free- β -human chorionic gonadotropin and α -fetoprotein levels in normal twin and singleton pregnancies : a report of local Chinese population
Expectation and knowledge of pregnant women undergoing first and second trimester ultrasound examination in a Chinese population
Diffusion-weighted MR imaging and apparent diffusion coefficient of the normal fetal lung : preliminary experience
Assessment of the value of detecting specific IgA antibodies for the diagnosis of a recently acquired primary Toxoplasma infection
Comparison between ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging in assessment of fetal cytomegalovirus infection
Monochorionic-diamniotic twins discordant in gender from a naturally conceived pregnancy through postzygotic sex chromosome loss in a 47,XXY zygote
Prenatal diagnosis of monosomy 18p involving a jumping translocation
Prenatal diagnosis of a jumping translocation
Prenatal diagnosis of a de novo partial trisomy 10p12.1-12.2 pter originating from an unbalanced translocation onto 15qter and confirmed with array CGH
Prenatal diagnosis of infantile fibrosarcoma with diffuse metastases
Nonimmunologic hydropic fetalis associated with polypoid embolizations of both umbilical arteries
Maternal smoking during pregnancy and false positive maternal serum alpha-fetoprotein (MSAFP) screening for open neural tube defects
Contingent screening for Down syndrome
Contingent screening for Down syndrome
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