Foetal craniopharyngioma diagnosed by prenatal ultrasonography and confirmed by histopathological examination

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BackgroundCraniopharyngioma is an intracranial tumour, which usually develops in children and young adults and rarely occurs in intrauterine life.MethodsIn foetal life, ultrasonography and later computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) are regarded to be the most effective tools of diagnosis.ResultsIn the seven cases published earlier, tumour size was below our finding of 96 × 80 × 65 mm3. In relation to the current case report, we aimed at surveying the available information on prenatal craniopharyngioma.ConclusionAlthough the tumour is benign, the neurological and ophthalmologic complications, arising due to its expansive growth, are suggestive of a poor prognosis. Despite the high mortality and morbidity rates, neurosurgical treatment appears to be the sole option.

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