The 2010 Malcolm Ferguson-Smith Young Investigator Award
Fragile X analysis of 1112 prenatal samples from 1991 to 2010
Genome-wide array-based copy number profiling in human placentas from unexplained stillbirths
Comparison of prevalence of toxoplasma and cytomegalovirus infection in cases with fetal ultrasound markers in the second trimester of pregnancy
Prenatal features of Noonan syndrome: prevalence and prognostic value
First trimester screening for intra-uterine growth restriction and early-onset pre-eclampsia
Second trimester fetal nasal bone length in a low-risk Turkish population
Quantification of free fetal DNA in multiple pregnancies and relationship with chorionicity
Twin–twin transfusion syndrome treated with laser surgery: postnatal prevalence of congenital heart disease in surviving recipients and donors
Monochorionic twins discordant for congenital heart disease: a referral center's experience and possible pathophysiologic mechanisms
Direct access midwifery booking for prenatal care and its role in Down syndrome screening
First-trimester prediction of preeclampsia using metabolomic biomarkers: a discovery phase study
Second trimester biparietal diameter size and the risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes
Prenatal diagnosis of a nasal cyst in association with deletion 22q11 syndrome: a report of two cases
When is old too old for preimplantation genetic diagnosis for reciprocal translocations?
Low prevalence of genetic prenatal diagnosis in Japan
Congenital microgastria: a rare cause of failure to visualise the fetal stomach