Early prenatal diagnosis of the OEIS complex with different appearance in early compared with late pregnancy before spontaneous rupture of the cloacal membrane

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What's already known about this topic?The OEIS complex is a rare variant of the bladder exstrophy–epispadias complex.Albeit diagnosis of the OEIS complex can be made in the second trimester by abnormalities that have created its acronym (omphalocele–exstrophy–imperforate anus–spinal defects) prenatal presentation in early pregnancy remains unclear.What does this study add?This case adds unique findings on prenatal imaging, as diagnosis of OEIS complex should be considered as differential diagnosis to megacystis and amniotic band syndrome in early pregnancy by the sonographic finding of a large thin layered abdominal cyst. Puncture of this cyst can unveil the underlying cause and enable the diagnosis of OEIS syndrome in early pregnancy.

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