Differential Hepatic and Renal Cholesterol Levels in Diabetes-Prone BHE/cdb Rats Fed Menhaden Oil or Beef Tallow (44102)

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Abstract.A series of experiments were conducted to determine whether the feeding of beef tallow compared with menhaden oil would affect renal cortex membrane composition, Na,K-ATPase activity, renal cholesterol uptake, and plasma lipoprotein cholesterol profile. BHE/cdb rats were used because they carry a genetic trait for non-insulindependent diabetes mellitus and are prone to develop diabetic nephropathy. Beef tallow feeding resulted in an increase in HDL cholesterol and an increase in Na,K-ATPase activity. The different fats also affected the arachidonic acid content of the membrane but not the membrane cholesterol content. These diet effects may explain why the development of renal disease in beef tallow-fed rats is delayed when compared with rats fed an equivalent amount of menhaden oil.

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