The Necessity of Principles in Virtue Ethics
The Necessity of Principles in Virtue Ethics
Psychologists in Medical Schools
Criteria for Academic Promotion of Medical-School-Based Psychologists and Psychiatrists
Delay in Completion of Doctoral Dissertations in Clinical Psychology
Differentiating Medical From Psychological Disorders
Predictive Validation of the MMPI for Small-Town Police Officers Who Fail
Comparing Theoretical Orientations of Counseling and Clinical Psychologists
Undergraduate Psychology Students' Views of Counselors, Psychiatrists, and Psychologists
Therapist Narcissism
Effects of Individualistic and Social Commitment Emphases on Clients' Perceptions of Counselors
Outcome Expectancy and Treatment Acceptability
Predicting Specialty Psychiatric Inpatient Care in General Hospitals
Parents' and Clinicians' Attitudes Toward the Risks and Benefits of Child Psychotherapy
Ethics in Marital and Family Therapy