Toward Achieving Multidisciplinary Professional Collaboration
Collaboration Between Psychologists and Family Physicians : Implementing the Biopsychosocial Model
Psychological Consultation With Primary Care Physicians : Obstacles and Opportunities in the Medical Setting
Linking Psychologists and Family Physicians for Collaborative Practice
Collaboration in Capitated Care : Challenges for Psychology
The Rape of Psychotherapy
The Evolution of Health Care : Implications for the Training and Careers of Psychologists
Using Spiritual Interventions in Psychotherapy : Practices, Successes, Failures, and Ethical Concerns of Mormon Psychotherapists
A Survey of Client–Therapist Sexual Involvement in Rhode Island as Reported by Subsequent Treating Therapists
Seeking the Active Ingredients of Psychotherapeutic Change : Within and Outside the Context of Therapy
Strains on Confidentiality in College-Student Psychotherapy : Entangled Therapeutic Relationships, Incidental Encounters, and Third-Party Inquiries
Effects of Disclosure of Comprehensive Pretherapy Information on Clients at a University Counseling Center
Prospective Minority Students' Perceptions of Application Packets for Professional Psychology Programs : A Qualitative Study
Perspectives on Practicum : A Survey of Directors of Accredited PhD Programs and Internships (Or, What Is a Practicum Hour, and How Many Do I Need?)
Becoming a First-Rate Professional Psychologist Despite Graduate Education