Toward Achieving Multidisciplinary Professional Collaboration
Collaboration Between Psychologists and Family Physicians
Psychological Consultation With Primary Care Physicians
Linking Psychologists and Family Physicians for Collaborative Practice
Collaboration in Capitated Care
The Rape of Psychotherapy
The Evolution of Health Care
Using Spiritual Interventions in Psychotherapy
A Survey of Client–Therapist Sexual Involvement in Rhode Island as Reported by Subsequent Treating Therapists
Seeking the Active Ingredients of Psychotherapeutic Change
Strains on Confidentiality in College-Student Psychotherapy
Effects of Disclosure of Comprehensive Pretherapy Information on Clients at a University Counseling Center
Prospective Minority Students' Perceptions of Application Packets for Professional Psychology Programs
Perspectives on Practicum
Becoming a First-Rate Professional Psychologist Despite Graduate Education