A Decade of Professional Growth
On Scientific Communication
Biomedical Research with Prisoners
A Diet, Exercise, and Behavioral Conditioning Program for Obesity
Professional psychology and public programs : A critique
Job stress and career development in new public professionals
A community psychology approach to police training
Forensic psychology and criminal justice : An evolving subspecialty at Hahnemann Medical College
A constitutional right to treatment : Past, present, and future
Behavior modification therapy and the law
Current psychological assessment practices
An integrated approach to the psychosituational assessment of behavior
A system of behavioral diagnosis
Children's problems and classroom interventions from the perspective of classroom teachers
Cognitive tutoring as a mental health service for children with learning problems
A behavior therapy approach to office diagnosis and treatment of children
A comparison of two consultation training programs
Collaborative consultation in program evaluation with nonprofessionals
Ethical issues of mental health consultation
Building consultative relationships with rural fundamentalist clergy
A consultation approach to help a school cope with the bereavement process
The use of faculty workshops in campus environmental consultation
Teaching and the environments for learning in graduate departments of psychology
The role of the psychologist in the training of the neurologically impaired
Psychology and dentistry : Potential benefits from a health care liaison
Sex between therapists and clients : A review and analysis
Integration of a low-resource token economy with other treatment modalities
On the reproduction of consumer psychologists
Symposium : Conceptual bases of school consultation models
Conceptual Bases of Mental Health Consultation in the Schools
Process Consultation and Organization Development
Environmental Design : An Expanded Behavior Research Framework for School Consultation and Educational Innovation
Consultation in Schools : Inevitable Conflict, Partisanship, and Advocacy
Some economic arguments in favor of higher fees for tertiary-secondary mental health services
Prevention, psychologists, and economics : A reply to Wolf
Economic issues and issues about economics : A comment on a reply to Wolf
A further note on economics and primary prevention : Reply to a comment
Learning to Market Services
Establishing an Independent Practice : Part 7
Adaptability : A Paramount Asset for Private Practice
Graduate Internships in Industrial Psychology : A Success Story
Cassette Tapes for Intern Supervision
Use of Group Oral Examinations as an Evaluative Method