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The role of estrogen receptor β and nicotinic cholinergic receptors in postpartum depression
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Low baseline startle in anorexia nervosa patients
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Binding of lurasidone, a novel antipsychotic, to rat 5-HT7 receptor: Analysis by [3H]SB-269970 autoradiography
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Association study of DRD2 and MAOA genes with subtyped alcoholism comorbid with bipolar disorder in Han Chinese
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Structural neurobiological correlates of Mayer-Salovery-Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test performance in early course schizophrenia
Deep brain stimulation in treatment-resistant depression in mice: Comparison with the CRF1 antagonist, SSR125543
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Changes on D2-like receptor induced Gi protein activation and hippocampal dopamine release in kindled rats
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A missense mutation in the ITGA8 gene, a cell adhesion molecule gene, is associated with schizophrenia in Japanese female patients
Clozapine regulation of p90RSK and c-Fos signaling via the ErbB1-ERK pathway is distinct from olanzapine and haloperidol in mouse cortex and striatum
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