Multiple mechanisms of neurodegeneration and progression
Models of progressive neurological dysfunction originating early in life
Long-term consequences of prenatal stress and neurotoxicants exposure on neurodevelopment
The multifaceted role of metalloproteinases in physiological and pathological conditions in embryonic and adult brains
Microglial phenotypes in Parkinson's disease and animal models of the disease
Involvement of the kynurenine pathway in the pathogenesis of Parkinson's disease
Interactions of iron, dopamine and neuromelanin pathways in brain aging and Parkinson's disease
Novel tactics for neuroprotection in Parkinson's disease: Role of antibiotics, polyphenols and neuropeptides
Amphetamine-related drugs neurotoxicity in humans and in experimental animals: Main mechanisms
Protein aggregation and neurodegeneration in prototypical neurodegenerative diseases: Examples of amyloidopathies, tauopathies and synucleinopathies
The Yin and Yang of nucleic acid-based therapy in the brain