Application of the Competency Model to Clinical Health Psychology

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In response to the growing emphasis on defining professional competence within applied psychology (e.g., clinical, neuropsychology, counseling, school), in 2007 American Psychological Association Division 38 (Health Psychology) sponsored a summit meeting with a specific focus on revisiting the standards of graduate curricula and training in clinical health psychology. Using the cube model of core competency domains of professional psychology as a framework, summit participants were charged with identifying the foundational and functional competencies expected of a well-trained, entry-level clinical health psychologist. As a product of these discussions, the present article is presented as an initial effort to identify the competencies and begin the discussion in clinical health psychology. As such it is likely to be of interest to a wide audience, including clinical training programs with an existing or planned emphasis in clinical health psychology, practitioners interested in acquiring the competencies required to practice as a clinical health psychologist, and students evaluating potential graduate and postgraduate training options in clinical health psychology.

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