Response to Ben-Porath’s Update to Williams and Lally (2017)

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One of the fundamental points of Williams and Lally (2017) was to highlight the problems of test publishers determining the standards for psychology. Ben-Porath’s (2017) response bypassed this primary concern. In addition, Ben-Porath (2017) presented several purported “corrections” of “errors.” Our response challenges Ben-Porath’s claims and redirects the focus to concerns with allowing test publishers and their marketing practices to define our field’s standards. Newly released 2016 sales data demonstrates that the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI)-2 continues to be more widely used than the MMPI-2-RF (61%: 39%), despite years of marketing the MMPI-2-RF as the “new standard,” the introduction of new MMPI-2-RF products, and the discontinuation of MMPI-2 products.

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