Is It Because I’m Black? Microaggressive Experiences Against Black Professionals in Sport and Exercise Psychology

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Black sport and exercise psychology (SEP) practitioners represent a small but growing percentage of SEP professionals. To date there has been no study that directly asks Black sport and exercise psychology professionals about their professional experiences. To fill this gap in the literature, the researchers explored Black SEP professionals’ racial microaggressive experiences: common and often unintentional racial slights toward people of color (Sue et al., 2007). Using an online survey, 5 participants above the age of 18 with a current professional membership in the Association for Applied Sport Psychology and/or the American Psychological Association’s Division 47 (Society for Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology) were surveyed regarding their microaggressive experiences. Findings provide a view of Black professionals’ experiences and the context in which they were aggressed. Recommendations for future research and support of Black professionals are provided.

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