Advancing Training in Session Fees Through Psychology Training Clinics

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Psychology training clinics can meet the needs of communities who have limited access to quality and affordable mental health services by offering sliding scale or reduced fee structures. The use of sliding scale fee structures in psychology training clinics also provides a rich training experience for graduate student trainees. Yet, limited attention has been directed toward understanding how to effectively train graduate students and clinicians to discuss session fees and other social class-related issues within psychotherapy. The purpose of this article is to address this gap by describing a conceptual model used in 1 psychology training clinic that integrates session fee considerations into training, service delivery, and supervision. Suggestions and exemplars related to each model component (i.e., training clinic mission, client paperwork and marketing, training, service delivery, supervision, and consultation) are described. The model components mutually inform 1 another in order to contribute to the provision of mental health treatment to clients and to enhance trainee skill development related to money and social class considerations. Implications for training and limitations of the model are discussed.

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