Age-related increase in IL-17 activates pro-inflammatory signaling in prostate cells
Loss of MyD88 leads to more aggressive TRAMP prostate cancer and influences tumor infiltrating lymphocytes
Known susceptibility SNPs for sporadic prostate cancer show a similar association with “hereditary” prostate cancer
Prostatic angiogenic responses in late life: Antiangiogenic therapy influences and relation with the glandular microenvironment in the transgenic adenocarcinoma of mouse prostate (TRAMP) model
Expression profile analysis of microRNAs in prostate cancer by next-generation sequencing
NUSAP1 expression is upregulated by loss of RB1 in prostate cancer cells
CYP3A5 regulates prostate cancer cell growth by facilitating nuclear translocation of AR
Diagnostic performance of expression of PCA3, Hepsin and miR biomarkers inejaculate in combination with serum PSA for the detection of prostate cancer
Randomized clinical trial of brewed green and black tea in men with prostate cancer prior to prostatectomy