Detection of Radiolucencies around Endodontically Treated Teeth on Routine CT Scans
Proposed Shade Guide for Attached Gingiva—A Pilot Study
Microtensile Bond Strength of Lithium Disilicate to Zirconia with the CAD-on Technique
A Multispecies Probiotic Reduces Oral Candida Colonization in Denture Wearers
Candida albicans Adherence to Denture Base Material: Chemical Disinfection and the Effect of Acquired Salivary Pellicle Formation
Effect of the Addition of Antimicrobial Agents on Shore A Hardness and Roughness of Soft Lining Materials
Effect of Light Aging on Silicone-Resin Bond Strength in Maxillofacial Prostheses
Effect of Thermocycling on the Shear Bond Strength of Different Resins Bonded to Thermoplastic Foil Applied in Occlusal Splint Therapy
Effectiveness of Silica-Lasing Method on the Bond Strength of Composite Resin Repair to Ni-Cr Alloy
Flexural Properties of Poly(Methyl Methacrylate) Resin Reinforced with Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch Fibers: A Preliminary Finding
Using a Porcelain Furnace to Debond Cement-Retained Implant Crown from the Abutment after Screw Fracture: A Clinical Report
Intrusion of Supraerupted Maxillary Molar Using a High Interim Restoration on the Defective Opposing Tooth: A Clinical Report
Maxillary Rehabilitation Using a Removable Partial Denture with Attachments in a Cleft Lip and Palate Patient: A Clinical Report
Fabrication of a Movable Obturator Following Maxillary Reconstruction with Slit-Shaped Fenestration
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