In This Issue
Protein Science “Best Paper” awards to Youngil Chang and Liam Longo
A common landscape for membrane-active peptides
The structure of DesR from Streptomyces venezuelae , a β-glucosidase involved in macrolide activation
The crystal structure of an octapeptide repeat of the Prion protein in complex with a Fab fragment of the POM2 antibody
Lipase in aqueous-polar organic solvents: Activity, structure, and stability
Ligand promiscuity through the eyes of the aminoglycoside N 3 acetyltransferase IIa
Systematic optimization model and algorithm for binding sequence selection in computational enzyme design
Selective binding of antimicrobial porphyrins to the heme-receptor IsdH-NEAT3 of Staphylococcus aureus
Identification of novel protein domains required for the expression of an active dehydratase fragment from a polyunsaturated fatty acid synthase
Functional studies of N-terminally modified CYP2J2 epoxygenase in model lipid bilayers
The highly dynamic oligomeric structure of bradavidin II is unique among avidin proteins
EGFR: Tale of the C-terminal tail
Structural representative of the protein family PF14466 has a new fold and establishes links with the C2 and PLAT domains from the widely distant Pfams PF00168 and PF01477
Effects of the Fc-III tag on activity and stability of green fluorescent protein and human muscle creatine kinase
Role of loops connecting secondary structure elements in the stabilization of proteins isolated from thermophilic organisms