Crack users‘intentions to use condoms with different partner types

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Purpose. Evidence suggests that farmworkers are practicing high risk behavior, particularly crack cocaine use and unprotected sex, that consequently places them at an increased risk for HIV transmission. This study examined the intention to use condoms with four different sexual partner types (loved partner, casual partner, paying partner, and new partner) among a sample of farm workers who were also cr Methods. Personal interviews (n = 205) were conducted with male and female farm workers who were crack users (confirmed by urine test). Participants were recruited from a Florida homebase community for migrant farmworkers. The questionnaire assessed sexual activity (including number of partners and partner type), drug use and attitudes and beliefs about condoms. Results. Hispanic males reported a significantly lower likelihood of condom use for all partner types. For commercial partners, intention to use condoms was reduced dramatically for Hispanics but was markedly higher among steadily employed subjects. Finally, women were half as likely as men to report that they intended to use a condom with a loved partner. Conclusions. This study indicates that ethnicity and the nature of sexual relationships both play important roles in determining whether subjects report that they intend to use condoms, even in a population known for the presence of multiple partners and a widely perceived epidemic of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.

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