Novel one-stop multidisciplinary follow-up clinic forBRCA1/2carriers: patient satisfaction and decision making

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Objective:To evaluate patient' satisfaction and cancer risk management decision making, following attendance at a novel multidisciplinary one-stop follow-up clinic (MDOSC) for BRCA1/2 carriers.Patients and Methods:172 patients attended the MDOSC over a 2-year period between 2006 and 2008. A total of 96 and 76 patients were seen in the first and second year, respectively. All patients who attended the MDOSC were sent a 17-item Satisfaction Questionnaire (SQ) designed to examine their views about the MDOSC, using rating scales and open questions after the first year. Patients were asked to comment on the most helpful aspects of the MDOSC and on how the service might be improved. Changes were made based on this feedback. During the second year, all patients were given the SQ with three questions about cancer risk management decision making on the day of the MDOSC.Results:In total, 132 (77%) patients responded and overall satisfaction was high with a mean of 8.94 (range 1–10). BRCA1/2 carriers were pleased to see a range of health care professionals on the same day, who they viewed gave consistent information, considered every aspect of care and addressed psychosocial needs. Following improvements, based on patients' feedback, satisfaction significantly increased in year 2. Furthermore, the MDOSC also helped patients to move forward with their cancer risk management decisions.Conclusions:BRCA1/2 carriers were highly satisfied with the MDOSC, which met their needs and helped them to make informed decisions regarding their cancer risk management. Copyright © 2010 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

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