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Update from the Editors : Plans for 2017
Healthcare professionals' views on discussing fertility preservation with young cancer patients : a mixed method systematic review of the literature
Predictive factors of depressive symptoms of elderly patients with cancer receiving first‐line chemotherapy
Long‐term fear of recurrence in young breast cancer survivors and partners
Perceived diagnostic delay and cancer‐related distress : a cross‐sectional study of patients with colorectal cancer
In sickness and in health : classmates are highly motivated to provide in‐hospital support during childhood cancer therapy
Trajectories of self‐reported cognitive function in postmenopausal women during adjuvant systemic therapy for breast cancer
The role of social–cognitive and emotional factors on testicular self‐examination
Trajectories of total depression and depressive symptoms in prostate cancer patients receiving six months of hormone therapy
Advance care planning as a shared endeavor : completion of ACP documents in a multidisciplinary cancer program
Clinically assessed posttraumatic stress in patients with breast cancer during the first year after diagnosis in the prospective, longitudinal, controlled COGNICARES study
Factors influencing health‐related quality of life among Korean cancer survivors
Patient's lung cancer diagnosis as a cue for relatives' smoking cessation : evaluating the constructs of the teachable moment
Posttraumatic growth among head and neck cancer survivors with psychological distress
Impact of high self‐perceived burden to others with preferences for end‐of‐life care and its determinants for terminally ill cancer patients : a prospective cohort study
Metamemory function in chemotherapy‐treated patients with breast cancer : an explanation for the dissociation between subjective and objective memory measures?[Link],
Factors associated with self‐perceived burden to the primary caregiver in older patients with hematologic malignancies : an exploratory study
Demographic, medical, and psychosocial predictors of benefit finding among caregivers of childhood cancer survivors
Psychological burden at the time of diagnosis among Mexican breast cancer patients
Internet‐delivered cognitive‐behaviour therapy for recent cancer survivors : a feasibility trial
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