Cyclic AMP Impairs the PRL Stimulation of Iodide Uptake into Mouse Mammary Tissues (44313)

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In earlier studies the uptake of iodide into mammary cells was found to occur by a mechanism similar to that in thyroid cells (i.e., the uptake occurs via a sodiumiodide symporter that is inhibited by perchlorate and thiocyanate). Although cyclic AMP stimulates the iodide transport mechanism in thyroid cells, the present studies show that cyclic AMP, as well as pharmacological agents that elevate cyclic AMP, impair iodide uptake into mammary cells. In addition, elevated cyclic AMP levels interfere with the PRL stimulation of iodide uptake as well as iodide incorporation into proteins in mammary tissues. Clearly, cyclic AMP has opposite effects on regulating iodide uptake processes in mammary versus thyroid cells.

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