An Investigation of the Co-Occurrence of Panic and Somatization Disorders Through Temperamental Variables

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The relation of temperamental dimensions to somatization and panic disorders in women was investigated.


Eighteen patients with both panic and somatization disorders, 41 patients with panic disorder only, and 22 control subjects were compared on the Tridimensional Personality Questionnaire.


The patients with somatization and panic disorders had significantly higher Novelty Seeking values than both the patients with panic only and the control subjects. The only significant correlation was between the number of symptoms of somatization disorder and Novelty Seeking. The presence of other psychiatric conditions, comorbid with panic disorder in the patient group, did not affect significantly the temperamental variables.


A temperamental disposition characterized by extraversion, impulsivity, as well as frequent exploratory activity and pursuit of novel and pleasurable activities may help differentiate women with both somatization and panic disorders from women with panic disorder only.

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