“I Have,” “I Would,” “I Won’t”: Hooking Up Among Sexually Diverse Groups of College Students

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Incorporating the intention to “hook up” with whether one has hooked up can distinguish groups with unique sets of background characteristics and experiences pertaining to hooking up within the college culture. A large, gender-balanced sample of college students (N = 3,893) from 2 universities that represented sizable numbers of diverse sexual identities was analyzed for the current study. Results indicated that within each sexual identity, men were more likely than women to have hooked up (“I have”) and to be willing to hookup if they hadn’t (“I would”). Across sexual identities, gay/lesbian and bisexual individuals were more likely to have hooked up than were straight individuals. Gay and straight individuals were more likely than bisexual individuals to intend to avoid hooking up (“I won’t”). However, multivariate analyses that accounted for various background, attitudinal, and sexual experiences appeared to account for much of the variation by sexual identity.

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