Hormones and Behavior: A New View

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Originally published in Contemporary Psychology: APA Review of Books, 1979, Vol 24(1), 9. Reviews the book, An Introduction to Behavioral Endocrinology by Alan I. Leshner (1978). The fact that this is the first comprehensive survey of the field by a single author merely adds to its considerable intrinsic value. Leshner not only provides a thorough analysis of the pertinent literature on hormones and behavior, he also offers a logical organization and theoretical integration of this vast literature. There are frequent allusions to central nervous system mediators but there is little substantive discussion of neurophysiological or biochemical data. An overview of experimental evidence is provided as well as a discussion of the extent to which various models of hormone action are supported by experimental data. Reference lists are found at the end of each chapter. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2006 APA, all rights reserved)

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