Reasoning: No Ratiocination Without Representation

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Originally published in Contemporary Psychology: APA Review of Books, 1979, Vol 24(1), 14–15. Reviews the book, Human Reasoning edited by Russell Revlin and Richard E. Mayer (see record 1979-20271-000). This collection of reports of research on human reasoning is broad in scope. Reasoning is interpreted as the drawing of conclusions in a rule-governed way, and much more than formal syllogistic reasoning is included. The integrative work is done best by the editors, Revlin and Mayer, in their introductory chapter. They provide a well-organized review of the history of research in deductive reasoning. The research reports in the book are divided into three sections. There are four chapters on formal reasoning, including one on attitude change. There are three chapters on reasoning and the representation of text. Finally, there are two chapters on mathematical reasoning. This book expands the horizons of human reasoning beyond formal syllogisms and attempts to bring together strands of work that have been separate in the past. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2006 APA, all rights reserved)

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