Helping Children to Understand Their Problems: Talking to Children, Not About Them

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Reviews the book, Why Do You Do That? A Book About Tourette Syndrome for Children and Young People by Uttom Chowdhury and Mary Robertson (see record 2006-08636-000). Uttom Chowdhury and Mary Robertson have published a book especially written for young people with Tourette's syndrome (TS) and their siblings that explains the disorder and acknowledges the special challenges these children have. The definition of TS is well done, and there is a careful explanation of the need for both verbal and physical tics to make the diagnosis, as well as a discussion of simple and complicated tics, echopraxia, echolalia, and coprolalia. The authors clarify that although coprolalia has been the best publicized symptom, it is present in just a minority of cases. If parents and children are buying this book to learn more about their disorder and to discover possible medical or academic assistance, they may not be provided with any information beyond that already given to them by their physician or the Tourette's Syndrome Association, which has a great deal of free information for children, parents, and schools. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2007 APA, all rights reserved)

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