The Conundrum of Organizational Analysis

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Reviews the book, Management of Organizational Change: Leveraging Transformation (2nd ed.) by K. Harigopal (see record 2006-05648-000). In this book, K. Harigopal positions himself as both teacher and organizational consultant. Writing for an audience ranging from students of management to managers and from change initiators to change management consultants, Harigopal takes a comprehensive perspective in the book's six chapters. Transformational change, the focus of the book, is characterized by a fundamental shift in the organization's focus, accompanied by a shift in both vision and process. Although the collective action of organizational members can contribute to unintentional “vision creep,” resulting in gradual transformation, Harigopal focuses on deliberate efforts to re-create the organization, given the demands of the environment in which it operates. Ultimately, Management of Organizational Change may prove to be a helpful resource for teachers and consultants seeking a text or training material. The structure, framing, and language offer a significant number of discussion points and “teachable moments.” As a reference source, however, its use may be limited. Portions of the target audience may find the book adds little, given the material to which they are regularly exposed. In contrast, other readers may experience little realization beyond the “obvious” and “commonsense” things they “already knew.” (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2007 APA, all rights reserved)

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