Mental Disorders We Will Encounter Today and Tomorrow

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Reviews the book, Mental Disorders of the New Millennium, Vol. I: Behavioral Issues (see record 2006-12744-000), Vol. II: Public and Social Problems (see record 2006-12749-000), Vol. III: Biology and Function (see record 2006-12747-000), edited by Thomas G. Plante. Every psychologist, regardless of orientation, will confront the disorders discussed in Mental Disorders of the New Millennium. These books bring together over 50 authors who cover a broad range of disorders. Most of the disorders are simultaneously old and new; that is, their diagnostic definition has not changed, but in many instances, the way we think about the disorders and treat people who have the disorder has changed in the light of current culture. It would be a mistake not to point out to potential readers that this otherwise very helpful work fails to include many disorders that are now with us and others that research tells us are on the horizon. These volumes present a montage of disorders without any apparent nosological order. While the overall value of these three volumes is undisputed, the organization of the three-volume set seems somewhat chaotic, and there is no common thread to tie the chapters of each of the volumes together and no common link uniting the volumes. The books, as useful as they are, are just continuations of what seasoned clinicians and recent graduates already know. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2007 APA, all rights reserved)

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