Analysis of a Client-Staff-Developed Shaping Program Designed to Enhance Reading Persistence in an Adult Diagnosed with Schizophrenia

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A changing criterion design was used to help increase leisure reading persistence in an adult man diagnosed with schizophrenia. During a 5 day baseline phase, the most the man read on any given day was one page. A primary service provider and the client worked together to develop and implement a shaping program designed to increase his reading persistence. After the program was implemented, his reading persistence increased to the point where he read six to eight pages continuously each of the last 8 days of treatment. Throughout the intervention phase he read across settings, staff and materials. Approximately 7 weeks after the program was halted, an unplanned opportunity to collect maintenance data showed that he maintained his ability to read. Discussion focuses on working with clients to construct leisure skill enhancement programs that increase the probability of engaging in leisure activities after they are acquired, mastered, or remedied.

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