Community Rehabilitation for Persons with Psychiatric Disabilities: Comparison of the Effectiveness of Segregated and Integrated Programs in Israel

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This study compares the effectiveness of a segregative and an integrative psychosocial recreational program for persons with psychiatric disabilities in Israel. Comparison of changes in 97 members of a segregated social club with those of 89 participants in an integrative program in their local community center shows that both reported significantly greater satisfaction with their social life, having more friends than previously, increased support from friends, less loneliness, greater social support, and engaging in more leisure activities. The only significant differences were that the participants in the segregative program reported making more new friends, while those in the integrative program reported a greater increase in the number of leisure activities in which they engaged. With this, the findings also show that the participants in the integrative program were generally stronger and in better clinical condition than those in the segregative program. These findings point to the need for different types of recreational programs to meet the needs of persons with different levels of disability.

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